Fair Food Systems: internalizing environmental and social costs in the price of food

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GUARDIANS project represented in this key event for stakholders in the agri-food system.

The event “Fair Food Systems” is held on 13 June 2024 (2.30-6.30pm CEST) at Palazzo Hercolani, Bologna, Italy.

This evet aims to stimulate collaboration and innovation and identify new pathways towards fair food systems.

It is organised in the framework of Horizon Europe’s FOODCoST project whose aim is to support the transition towards sustainable food systems by proposing a harmonising methodology to calculate externalities in climate, biodiversity, environmental, social and health along the food value chain.

GUARDIANS is represented in this event by the project partner RINA-C with the aim of exchanging knowledge and creating synergies with similar projects.

Find out more about the event Fair Food System: Internalizing Environmental and Social Costs in the Price of Food.



Picture by Markus Spiske on Unsplash.

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